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Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all our family! Happy new year to our friends, and happy new year to our followers that will soon fit into the first two categories! This year has been a crazy year of sorts. Not all good for us. In fact, not very good at all. Sure, we have been lucky […]

Rarotonga with the Tipsy Travelers

Tipsy Traveling to the Cook Islands… When I think of Rarotonga, I picture getting tipsy on cocktails while relaxing on a tropical island with clear waters, tanning the cheeks. When I finally got to Rarotonga (fashionably tipsy from the flight) I found that I had imagined it correctly. As tipsy as I got, I was […]

Getting a Bike Licence in Rarotonga!

So you’re thinking of visiting Rarotonga to kick back on the beach for a few days, eh? You should definitely consider getting a Cook Island Visitors Licence. “BUT ALL I’M GONNA BE DOING IS CHILLING IN A HAMMOCK ON THE BEACH DRINKING COCKTAILS” Rarotonga is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday! And as great […]

Hawaiian Vacation

Here it is…. Tipsy Travelers Hawaiian Vacation…. We never really put too much thought into going to Hawaii but recently we were invited to join some family on a Hawaiian vacation and we thought, why not? So we booked our flights to join the others on their Hawaiian Vacation, ready for fun and to check […]