Rarotonga with the Tipsy Travelers

Tipsy Traveling to the Cook Islands… When I think of Rarotonga, I picture getting tipsy on cocktails while relaxing on a tropical island with clear waters, tanning the cheeks.
When I finally got to Rarotonga (fashionably tipsy from the flight) I found that I had imagined it correctly.
As tipsy as I got, I was bored just thinking about all the relaxing I was going to do!

Tipsy at the beach

What do you do when you get to a tropical island? Grab a beer and hit the beach!


First things first, we dropped our possessions to the room, did a couple of shots of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, to create a warm buzz. Once we were a little tipsy we found our way to the hotels 24 hour bar, where we had a few cold ones and made a couple of new friends who had arrived on the same flight as us and also seemed tipsy at this point.

In the morning we headed out to get our temporary visitor licences so that we could hire scooters to get around the island.

Click Here for How I Got my Bike Licence For on The Island!


Riding around was actually a lot of fun, and felt a lot safer than I thought – the traffic is nothing like I have seen in S.E Asian countries with a lot of people on scooters.

As we cruised, we saw a lot of signs – signs that made us stop and try things. The Hula Bar had $3.50 beers all day long. Not gonna lie, we found our way back here a few times over the week, just to get tipsy, not wasted *wink wink*.
Wine tasting at somebody’s home at Muri was a sign I kept seeing, so we had to stop there. Interesting and different.

After some morning stand up paddling (SUP), Kiro and I rode out to Kite Sup to meet with Maria, who had offered us the night paddle boarding tour. I jumped at this opportunity, partially because it was a night time thing, but mostly because there is a dog that hangs around – Raphael – who goes out on the tour with them, riding along on any of the board he picks.

Raphael and Tipsy Travelers SUP

Raphael waiting for the night paddle to begin, which he will go along on.

With LED lights underneath the boards, we paddled over to a little Motu where we played a few games before the 2 tour guides did a fire dance.
When it was time to head back to land, I was the lucky one that got to chauffeur Raphael to land. I was so happy about that – highlight of the trip for me. Too bad I didn’t get a photo of him and i.

That tour was awesome, even if I fell off a couple of times. I blame the couple of beers I had before the tour, but I wasn’t actually tipsy.

Kiro found out that Raphael is actually “homeless”. There are so many friendly stray dogs on the island, and they look loved. I was a bit saddened to hear my new furriend Raph was one of them. I still think I should have started a Go Fund Me to bring Raph home to bro up with Martini and Hennessy.


There is definitely more to Rarotonga than just relaxing in hammocks and drinking cheap beers. Although I didn’t do the Party Bus, I saw it around on a couple of nights, and it looked EPIC. Sounded it too!

What’s cool is that the beaches aren’t crowded. It was so easy to get a drone shot of only myself on the water.

There are a few hikes around the island, you just have to ask a local where to go to do any other than the main one that all the tourists pay to do.

Rarotonga boasts a couple of waterfalls, again, ask a local. The main waterfall everyone sees the sign for bares a charge to drive up the road. I’ll save you the fee and the trip – there is NO WATER AT THAT WATERFALL!!! Even after the rain we didn’t get to see the waterfall.

If you’re planning a trip to Rarotonga, do something adventurous!

Attempt to conquer the Palace Burger after a boozy night dancing at Rehab Nightclub.

Pop in to “KiteSup” for yoga, the night paddle tour with Raphael, or a Kite Surfing lesson.

Get the lobster meal at Castaway Resort, drink the cheap beers at Hula bar, or cocktails at Vaiana’s. But realise this – the drinks are free poured in Vaiana’s. #winning.

When Tipsy - get a Palace Burger!

The ultimate burger – The Palace Burger – a good idea after a night of beers! Good luck!

Rarotonga can definitely be your next EPIC destination! Check out our video at the top of the page of the activities shared by Kite Sup.

Remember, “Stay Tipsy”


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    • And the night SUP’ing is with a dog! I loved that! Thank you so much, its simple but its our little space!

  1. Oh my oh my, I should have never watched your video while sitting at the office!! I wanna learn kite surfing sssoooo badly as it is already. And my ideal location is a 10 minute flight from where I live!!! Now i don’t feel like doing anything but day dreaming , which is a symptom i struggle with daily lol and plotting my next adventures!! smh!!

    • Thanks for the comment! We’re with you on the day dreaming thing! I hope you get to do some kite surfing in the near future! Thanks for watching our video!

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun, and you’re making me want to join you on your next tipsy adventure! I never thought about doing SUP at night time, and that’s so cool that they had LED lights under the boards. I bet it was such a cool experience. And I cannot get over that Palace Burger! Looks right up my alley 🙂

    • thank you! I never would have thought about doing SUP at night time either, especially if I saw BIG FISH haha. Maybe a group tipsy tour is the way to go?!

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